Your entire operation. One Platform.

First Due is passionate about ensuring public safety agencies around North America can take a giant leap forward in how information is used by Operations, Prevention, and Administration. By delivering on an industry-leading end-to-end suite of applications built to bring all of Fire & EMS' most important software functions into a single platform our goal is to curb inefficiencies, save valuable time and money all while eliminating risks for First Responders and their communities.

Our missions

End First Responder injury and death in the line of duty.
Unlock greater potential for Fire & EMS agencies through building transformative software.

What Makes First Due Different?

One Cloud-Based Platform

We've built a solution that does everything in a single platform, with maintenance, upgrades and access on any device.

Aggressive Innovation

We build what you need faster and innovate to stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of Public Safety.

Holistic Vision

More than just compliance. We build for response, for your community and inter-agency interoperability.

Team & Culture

We partner with you to continue to innovate and support for your agency's specific needs. Client Success is core to what we do.

Our Leadership

Our Leadership provides a wealth of experience across the First Due organization. Our platform requires skills and expertise across technology, data, public sector, construction and of course the Fire Service - that is the exact makeup of our leadership team.

Andreas Huber

Co-Founder & CEO

Andreas, co-founder of First Due, has 8 years of experience providing innovative technology solutions to the Public Sector. Today, he is proud to be leading the team at First Due with the first solution to bridge the deadly information gap our first responders face. By arming our first responders with the data and information they need, better and faster decisions are made. Andreas graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S.B.A.

New York, NY

Rami El-Choufani

COO, Head of Product

As First Due’s COO and co-founder, Rami has extensive enterprise SaaS sales and development experience. He studied and worked as a Mechanical Engineer before transitioning to software development in 2010. Rami leads Operations and Product at First Due, responsible for planning, directing and coordinating organizational operations and leading the product roadmap. Rami also leads the development of First Due’s sales and marketing strategies, mapping future product development to the business mission and goals and supporting customer success and implementation.

New York, NY

Chin Kuo


Chin Kuo is an experienced, hands on technical business manager with 25+ years of leadership experience. Chin also has experience in the management of technical products and development teams, as well as knowledge in the extensive data/storage industry. He initiated and established the first large offshore software development team in Beijing, China (400+ people) for Computer Associates.

New York, NY

Toby Ritt

Vice President of Sales

Toby has spent an entire 16 year career in the SaaS software industry starting off by serving customers in the education and human resources markets, but truly found his passion in transitioning to the EMS, Fire, and Public Safety space throughout the last decade. Toby is well versed in enterprise software solutions as well as data collection and analytics providing a wide range of experience and expertise in the leadership of our sales organization.

Minneapolis, MN

Michael Heifetz

Director of Client Success

Michael Heifetz, founder of Data Chief (acquired by First Due in 2019) and Captain at the Bedford Hills Fire Dept, is dedicated to the massive technological leap forward that First Due is apart of within American Public Safety. Michael's experience as a First Responder defines his team's approach to First Due's responder focus client success department, guaranteeing real-world necessities drive product and adoption in the field.

Washington DC

Anne Hulsether

Director of Implementation & Support

After beginning her professional career in catering and hospitality, Anne found her passion in being able to serve the EMS & Fire community 10 years ago. A self-proclaimed tech geek, First Due allows Anne to combine the two things she loves most; service to others while implementing innovative technology that can improve lives, outcomes and change the way we take care of each other.

Lakeville, MN

Daniel Paolino

Director of Deployment and Optimization

Dan’s organization makes First Due work with incredible precision, reliability, and complexity. As Director of Integration, Dan sees the big picture, as well as the minute details within every First Due client account, strengthening the value that end users and Fire Agency leadership see from implementation of the platform. Dan brings a careers worth of knowledge to ensure First Due works just as hard as the First Responders who rely on it.

Long Island, NY

Ron Kanter

Head of Marketing

Ron Kanter's passions lie in helping organizations scale explosive growth. At First Due, Ron leads the Marketing and Sales Development Organizations as well as working with customers to consult towards the success of First Due Community Connect outreach efforts. Ron believes that true sales and marketing is always focused on delivering true authenticity throughout any initial interaction an agency has with the company.

Boca Raton, FL

Our Investors

We successfully partnered with key angel groups and individuals in early 2016 to provide financing and support to the organization. The ultimate goal of these partnerships is to ensure we provide the best service and support to our customers and continuous innovation of the platform. We have the backing and the team to provide solutions for the smallest village
to the largest city.

Trusted Across North America

From Volunteer Agencies to Major Metros

Charlotte Fire Department

Charlotte, NC

Fort Myers Fire Department

Fort Myers, FL

Beverly Hills Fire Department

Beverly Hills, CA

Addison Fire Department

Addison, TX

Naperville Fire Department

Naperville, IL

Rio Rico Medical and Fire District

Rio Rico, AZ

Chino Valley Fire District

Chino Hills, CA

Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Mesa, AZ

Sandy Springs Fire Department

Sandy Springs, GA

Seattle Fire Department

Seattle, WA

Bowling Green Fire Department

Bowling Green, KY

Fort Worth Fire Department

Fort Worth, TX

Natick Fire Department

Natick, MA

Mat-Su Borough Emergency Services

Mat-su Borough, AK

Salem Fire Department

Salem, OR

Navajo Nation Fire Department

Navajo Nation, AZ / NM

Loma Linda Fire Department

Loma Linda, CA

Vail Fire & Emergency Services

Vail, CO

Albuquerque Fire Department

Albuquerque, NM

Fort Lauderdale Fire Department

Fort Lauderdale, FL