Customer Stories



Simplifying Fire Inspections

Trent Zulick, Lieutenant


Truckee Meadows Fire Prevention Bureau

Transforming Fire Prevention Workflows with First Due

Brittany Lemon, Fire Captain


Freeport Fire Department

Digital Transformation through RMS Consolidation

Adam LeFevre, Firefighter/Paramedic


Roberts Park Fire Protection District

Roberts Park: An Operation Upgrade Across the Board

Jeffrey Dees, Deputy Fire Chief


Town of Essex Fire Department

All In With First Due: Utilizing the Full RMS Suite

John Planas, Fire Marshal


Burnsville Fire Department

Part 1: Beginning the Journey with First Due

BJ Jungmann, Fire Chief


Carmel Fire Department

Using First Due for Special Circumstances & Community Events

Carmel Fire Prevention Bureau


George Mason University

First Due on Campus: A Collaboration for Public Safety at George Mason University

Gregg Black, Director of Emergency Management and Fire Safety


Hartsdale Fire Department

Saving Institutional Knowledge & Enabling Field Access to Comprehensive Pre-Plans

Doug Palmesi, Fire Captain


Eagle County

Going Live With a Multi-Agency Community Connect Program

Tracy LeClair, Community Risk Manager


Orange Beach Fire Department

Mutual Aid at the Height of Hurricane Season

Jeff Smith, Deputy Chief


Arcadia Fire Department

Employing Data to Defend Arcadia from the 2020 Bobcat Fire

Deputy Fire Chief Spriggs


Rio Rico Medical and Fire District

Focused First Due Use Case: Standardizing a Statewide Inspection Process

George Cluff, Fire Marshals Association


Hershey Volunteer Fire Department

Improving Hershey's ISO Rating with First Due

Rodney Sonderman, Deputy Fire Chief


Grapevine Fire Department

Strategic Pre-Incident Planning for Every Occupancy Type

Stuart Grant, Assistant Chief


City of Fairfax Fire Department

Achieving Northern Virginia's Interagency Vision with First Due

Andrew Vita, Assistant Chief of Operations


Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue

Accelerating Response Times & Coordinating Arrival with Target Hazard Staff with Community Connect

Ronny Smith - Apparatus Operator/FF/EMT


Trusted Across North America

From Volunteer Agencies to Major Metros

Charlotte Fire Department

Charlotte, NC

Fort Myers Fire Department

Fort Myers, FL

Beverly Hills Fire Department

Beverly Hills, CA

Addison Fire Department

Addison, TX

Naperville Fire Department

Naperville, IL

Rio Rico Medical and Fire District

Rio Rico, AZ

Chino Valley Fire District

Chino Hills, CA

Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Mesa, AZ

Sandy Springs Fire Department

Sandy Springs, GA

Seattle Fire Department

Seattle, WA

Bowling Green Fire Department

Bowling Green, KY

Fort Worth Fire Department

Fort Worth, TX

Natick Fire Department

Natick, MA

Mat-Su Borough Emergency Services

Mat-su Borough, AK

Salem Fire Department

Salem, OR

Navajo Nation Fire Department

Navajo Nation, AZ / NM

Loma Linda Fire Department

Loma Linda, CA

Vail Fire & Emergency Services

Vail, CO

Albuquerque Fire Department

Albuquerque, NM

Fort Lauderdale Fire Department

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Doug Palmesi

Fire Captain

Hartsdale Fire Department

When we arrived to the house, what I was looking at on First Due was an exact match to what I was looking at in real life...The guys knew exactly where and what everything was, it was pretty incredible, it felt like a well-rehearsed dance...We haven't been on a call without First Due ever since.  

Jeff Smith

Deputy Chief

Orange Beach Fire Department

What we found was incredibly useful as First Due enabled us to access buoy data from offshore to monitor wind speeds and wave height, so we could better estimate the time frame of major winds/storm surge arriving in Orange Beach.

Deputy Fire Chief

Barry Spriggs

Arcadia Fire Department

A the 2020 Bobcat fire quickly approached, we first went in to First Due and used the Occupancy Organizer to view a concise list of addresses that housed our at-risk residents and then provided this list to our partners in Law Enforcement as they were putting together their evacuation plans.

Assistant Chief of Fire & EMS Operations

Stuart Grant

Grapevine Fire Department

We get calls all the time from people in our community who want to make sure we know their situation in case we are ever called to their home. They call with things like where medication is located, information on mobility issues for people who would need extra assistance in evacuating, where bedrooms of small children or grandchildren are located, and other details specific to their home and family. It's so helpful being able to refer them to Community Connect where they can tell us everything, and then there it is, available to us the second we need it.

Battalion Chief

David Jacobs

Fort Myers Fire Department

"First Due means consistency, ease of preplan creation and information access and community engagement through community connect."

Fire Marshal

Roger Parker

Elk Creek Fire Department

"I've been in the fire service for 49 years and I've always struggled to get the preplan information to the firefighters in the field where they can access it and apply it to help protect their community and themselves. First Due has created a solution that is easy to use and easy to understand because it's visual. Now with v3 I can annotate and color code the occupancies in accordance with the Community Risk Reduction model that is being used for NFPA, ISO and Accreditation.”