ePCR Software

Best-of-breed NEMSIS v.3.4 and 3.5 compliant ePCR. All the functionality you need without sacrificing efficiency during response.

Streamlined ePCR Documentation

Ensure compliance and quality with First Due’s easy-to-use and customizable ePCR, built for the field and designed for efficiency.  

Intuitive Workflow
Reduce entry time and ensure compliance with a simple process.  Access all the data your crews are used to, organized in a streamlined form.
response section of an incident report within First Due
Built-in and Customizable Validation
Build NEMSIS v3.5 and state validation. Get it right the first time with dynamic forms and error checking upon submission.
built in validation in an First Due incident report
Mobile Responsive on Any Device
Document anywhere, anytime on any device so your crews can complete time-sensitive work from anywhere.


Improve clinical performance, communication, and assess process refinements through QA/QI.

Easy Set Up
Streamline the implementation of QA/QI workflows with a user-friendly setup process that enables efficient configuration and seamless integration.
Configurable Workflow
Simplify the management of quality assurance and improvements through highly configurable QA/QI workflows. Assign reviewers, provide comments, and tailor review types to ensure consistency and deliver the highest quality of patient care.
Quality Assurance & Improvement
Pinpoint areas for documentation improvements. Evaluate patient care reports and provide feedback to crews in various fields, such as vitals, billing details, signatures, narratives, and more.
Close the Loop
Streamline communication between responders and leadership to ensure effective collaboration and actionable insights for continuous quality assurance and improvement of  patient care.
Easy Escalation
An effortless escalation process ensures prompt delivery of critical information to the appropriate individuals, fostering effective decision-making.
Automated Notification
Stay informed with automated notifications that alert authors to reports requiring attention, facilitating proactive actions and driving effective quality assurance and improvements.  


More data with less entry by integrating with third-party products or the First Due Suite.

Avoid duplicate data entry by integrating your cardiac monitors with out-of-the-box integrations with ZOLL, Phillips, Stryker, and more.
reviewing EKG imports
Easy connection to any CAD to ensure critical information such as Incident Data and apparatus response times are automatically available – reducing duplicate data entry and saving time.
Easily document medications by integrating First Due’s Medications module or EMS Logik’s Narcbox.    
Rely on Handtevy for pediatric care standards. Avoid duplicate data entry by automatically populating ePCR fields form the Handtevy product in real –time.

Hospital Interoperability

Streamline data transfer to and from any hospital in real time  with First Due’s Kno2 integration.

Need to send each record out as a fax? Easily deploy fax messages to your governing body.
Direct Message
Easily send direct email messages to fulfill compliance obligations within First Due's ePCR.
Carequality Network Look-Up
Use the Carequality interoperability framework directly within First Due.

Compliance and Automation

First Due takes care of compliance so you don’t need to. Use First Due’s automated exports and agency-level customization to satisfy NEMSIS, state, and local compliance with automated exports and agency level customization.

First Due is NEMSIS Data Collect v3.4 and 3.5 compliant with expansive enterprise functionality to get the job done faster.
State-Level Compliance
Have unique state-level compliance requirements? Easily fulfill these obligations with First Due's ePCR.
Agency Compliance
Have your own set of standards unique to your city? Use First Due to satisfy any level of reporting compliance.
Automated Exports
Easily trigger automated exports to all compliance-focused agencies directly from the First Due platform.

See how it works!

ePCR Documentation

Explore First Due ePCR module- A fast, easy, and compliant solution for streamlined patient care reporting. From creating new ePCR records, assessment, NEMSIS v3.5 validation, State & Local Compliance, automation, vitals, and more.

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Built to run your entire Fire and EMS operation in one place.

Pre-Incident Planning

Knowledge isn't just power; it's life safety. First Due delivers the Fire & EMS industry's best pre-planning solution that helps keep crews and citizens safe.

Pre-Plan Mapping

Advanced Mapping Features

Enterprise Management

Any Device

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Fire Prevention

Re-Imagine Fire Prevention and Community Risk Reduction with First Due’s integrated Prevention Suite.

Next-Gen Inspections




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Incident documentation has never been easier. Drive compliance through accessible field tools, automation, and analytics.

Streamlined NFIRS Documentation

Advanced Integrations

Compliance & Automation

Reporting & Analytics

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Our superior NEMSIS v3.4 compliant ePCR provides the necessary functionality without sacrificing response efficiency.

Streamlined Documentation

Advanced Integrations

Hospital Interoperability

Compliance & Automation

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Mobile Responder

A sophisticated Fire & EMS-focused iOS and Android app that brings your First Due information to the forefront when you're in the field.

Any iOS or Android Device

Notify & Respond

Full Platform Access

CAD Agnostic

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Scheduling & Personnel

Whether your crew's scheduling model is straightforward or complex, we've got you covered.  

Improved Scheduling



Enterprise Management

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Community Connect

Community Connect allows residents to create a household life safety profile in minutes. In addition, First Due provides your agency with marketing resources to promote and drive ongoing engagement.

Engage Residents

Engage Businesses

Automate Processes


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Assets & Inventory

Get real-time insight and statistics on apparatus and equipment health, usage, and compliance—seamlessly linked to First Due's scheduling and incident reporting modules.

Enhanced Asset Management

Next-Gen Vehicle Checks

Work Order Management

Powerful Automation

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Hydrant testing and management workflows have never been easier with First Due's Hydrant module.

Services and Test


Data Management

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Enable your crews to gain the expertise they need with First Due's training module.




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Events & Activities

Your agency is highly productive. The activities module lets you document that activity to the fullest each day.



Enterprise Management

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Data & Analytics

Data drives your department. First Due's reporting and analytics features put you in the driver's seat.

Turnkey Reports

Ad Hoc Reporting


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Fire Investigations

Customize and manage your post-mortem fire documentation end to end.

Next-Generation Documentation

Comprehensive Investigations Records Management

Interconnection & Compliance  

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Incident Command

Streamline critical incident management with a digital command board, enabling Incident Commanders to swiftly allocate and track resources.

Live, Configurable Timers

Account for and Assign Resources

Incident Command Decisions in Real Time, On Any Device

Quick, Easy, and Accurate AARs

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