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Fire Prevention Software

Re-imagine fire prevention and community risk reduction with First Due's integrated prevention suite.

Next-Generation Inspections

Next-gen fire inspection functionality built for flexibility and accessibility in the field.

Intuitive Inspections
Reduce inspection time and increase quality with an accessible and customizable inspection workflow. Quickly mark violations, make comments, and capture photos within a simple user interface with built-in occupancy management and pre-planning!
Flexible Inspection Builder
Help drive efficiency by building checklists for any inspection type. Link to codes, create custom items and drive compliance with optional mandatory questions.
Extensive Code Management
Reduce research time by managing national, state, and local standards. Import, create, activate, deactivate, and link codes from one place.
Customizable Inspection Reports 
Drive compliance by using First Due's form builder to create custom inspection reports that can be emailed directly to occupancy contacts following an inspection.
Task Management  
Improve the overall efficiency of your inspectors and crew with customizable saved views and mapping. As a result, your team will know what to do, when, and in what priority.
Built for the Field
Do not let internet connection be a barrier for your crew. First Due's inspection module works with or without Wi-Fi on any device. In addition, with built-in offline functionality, you can complete reports anytime and allow operations to add critical pre-plan data on the fly.
Virtual Inspections 
Increase your crew capacity by completing initial inspections or re-inspections virtually. With a few clicks, inspection contacts can share their mobile phone camera and location with you, allowing inspectors to walk your customers through an inspection without leaving the office.


From new construction to annual life safety licenses, manage the entire life cycle of occupancies in your jurisdiction.

Configurable Permitting 
Manage any permit type, from operational permits to new construction, with configurable IFC permit class, custom durations rules, and customized response requirements.
Powerful Forms
From mountable certificates to digital permits, handle any situation with First Due's form builder. Create professional documents with logos, contact information, and legal disclaimers.
Occupancy Focused
Update related details, contacts, and attachments during the permit creation process to build out a complete profile of the occupancies in your community.
Community Portal
Cut out the red tape. Leverage First Due's Community Connect to let residents and business owners request permits using the same interface to create health and life safety profiles.
Integrated Fees and Inspections
Reduce duplicate data entry by linking permits to Inspections and Invoices. Allowing you to manage permit activities and fees all in one place.


Our next-gen fire inspection invoicing solution keeps your fire prevention organization running efficiently. Drive revenue and reduce costs by streamlining your invoicing process.

Set up criteria based on your agency's fee schedule to automatically generate an itemized invoice for billable services.
example of the beginning of an inspection in First Due Software
Invoicing in Just a Few Clicks  
Reduce duplicate data entry by generating invoices electronically from inspections, permits, and more. Build and send invoices in seconds.
Bulk Management
Keep organized and increase efficiency by reviewing audit trails, managing bulk billing, and collecting payments in one place.
Online Payments
Collect funds faster and easier with payment integration. Create, send, and allow customers to pay online on any device.
example of an invoice generated in First Due Software
Highly Configurable
Ensure correct billing with a customizable fee schedule and unlimited line items. Manage descriptions, billing codes, GL codes, and more.
Billing Reports
Schedule delivery of billing reports via email or integrate directly with your municipality's billing systems. Improve collaboration with local partners by providing billing reports to the line-item level.


Bring it together with First Due's powerful occupancy management functionality. Manage all your prevention and operations activity in one location.

Comprehensive Occupancy Record 
Stop searching for data in different systems. Instead, see all your agency activity, from inspections, permits, invoices, incidents, and investigations, in one place.
Occupancy Management 
Efficiently manage risk and know your community with an exceptional management tool. Filter by zones and occupancy classifications, assign company-level pre-plans, bulk-manage data, and much more.
Integrated Pre-Planning
Bridge the gap between prevention and operations with integrated pre-planning and occupancy management. Update your pre-plan and hazmat data from the occupancy record or in the field during an inspection.
Sophisticated Mapping
Keep every stakeholder informed by collecting map-based data that can easily be shared across departments and agencies using tools like Esri ArcGIS.

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Fire Inspections

Fully integrate pre-planning into your fire inspection process with First Due's pre-incident planning features built into prevention-focused workflows.

More to explore

Built to run your entire Fire and EMS operation in one place.

Pre-Incident Planning

Knowledge isn't just power; it's life safety. First Due delivers the Fire & EMS industry's best pre-planning solution that helps keep crews and citizens safe.

Pre-Plan Mapping

Advanced Mapping Features

Enterprise Management

Any Device

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Fire Prevention

Re-Imagine Fire Prevention and Community Risk Reduction with First Due’s integrated Prevention Suite.

Next-Gen Inspections




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Incident documentation has never been easier. Drive compliance through accessible field tools, automation, and analytics.

Streamlined NFIRS Documentation

Advanced Integrations

Compliance & Automation

Reporting & Analytics

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Our superior NEMSIS v3.4 compliant ePCR provides the necessary functionality without sacrificing response efficiency.

Streamlined Documentation

Advanced Integrations

Hospital Interoperability

Compliance & Automation

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Mobile Responder

A sophisticated Fire & EMS-focused iOS and Android app that brings your First Due information to the forefront when you're in the field.

Any iOS or Android Device

Notify & Respond

Full Platform Access

CAD Agnostic

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Scheduling & Personnel

Whether your crew's scheduling model is straightforward or complex, we've got you covered.  

Improved Scheduling



Enterprise Management

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Community Connect

Community Connect allows residents to create a household life safety profile in minutes. In addition, First Due provides your agency with marketing resources to promote and drive ongoing engagement.

Engage Residents

Engage Businesses

Automate Processes


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Assets & Inventory

Get real-time insight and statistics on apparatus and equipment health, usage, and compliance—seamlessly linked to First Due's scheduling and incident reporting modules.

Enhanced Asset Management

Next-Gen Vehicle Checks

Work Order Management

Powerful Automation

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Hydrant testing and management workflows have never been easier with First Due's Hydrant module.

Services and Test


Data Management

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Enable your crews to gain the expertise they need with First Due's training module.




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Events & Activities

Your agency is highly productive. The activities module lets you document that activity to the fullest each day.



Enterprise Management

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Data & Analytics

Data drives your department. First Due's reporting and analytics features put you in the driver's seat.

Turnkey Reports

Ad Hoc Reporting


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Fire Investigations

Customize and manage your post-mortem fire documentation end to end.

Next-Generation Documentation

Comprehensive Investigations Records Management

Interconnection & Compliance  

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Incident Command

Streamline critical incident management with a digital command board, enabling Incident Commanders to swiftly allocate and track resources.

Live, Configurable Timers

Account for and Assign Resources

Incident Command Decisions in Real Time, On Any Device

Quick, Easy, and Accurate AARs

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