First Due for State EMS Agencies 

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State EMS Agencies Have a Software Problem 

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Lack of End-User Flexibility

Agencies face constraints in adapting and maximizing the use of state-provided software.

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Limited Solution Scope

State-provided ePCR solutions may solve incident reporting challenges, however, they fail to deliver other core operational needs.

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Outdated Technology

Many state-level solutions run on outdated, on-premise technologies – leading to increased costs and security vulnerabilities.

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Excessive Overhead

The need for specialized personnel to implement and maintain outdated technology escalates overhead for states managing intricate systems.

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Cumbersome Integrations

Legacy software systems require complex integrations, resulting in frequent service disruptions and ongoing maintenance.

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Increased Cost

The result of using outdated technologies leads to increased costs in the form of upfront capital expenditure to get the system running and reoccurring expenses.

First Due & biospatial for State EMS

First Due is the category redefining end-to-end software solution for the modern State EMS agency, engineered to run your entire operation in a simple to use, yet powerful cloud-based solution. First Due and biospatial partner to offer best-in-class solutions providing EMS data collection, Patient Registry, and EMS data analysis. First Due’s technology provides state administrators and first responders with more than just ePCR- enabling agencies with core operational software to run their entire organization in one place, accessible from any location on any device, secured through a single login.

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Add-On Modules as Needed

Empowering agencies with the freedom to enhance and upgrade their operations on their terms as demands evolve.

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Agency-Level Workflows

Offers agencies the flexibility to design workflows that adapt and evolve to processes as requirements change, keeping your system aligned with your goals.

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State-Level Schematrons with Real-Time Synchronization

Automatically updated to reflect the latest state-mandated standards, ensuring your operations remain compliant effortlessly.

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Seamless Interoperability

Seamless interoperability between local Fire and other public safety partners should be simple and intuitive. First Due breaks down the barriers between you and your most trusted partners.

Best in Class ePCR

Streamlined ePCR Documentation
Ensure compliance and quality with First Due’s easy-to-use and customizable ePCR, built for the field and designed for efficiency.
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Improve clinical performance, communication, and assess process refinements through QA/QI.
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More data with less entry by through integration with third-party products or the First Due Suite.
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First Due takes care of compliance so you don’t need to. Use First Due’s automated exports and agency-level customization to satisfy NEMSIS, state and local compliance.
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Seamlessly pair First Due’s best-in-class ePCR with biospatial’s industry-leading repository and data/analytics functionality.

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Data Processing

Make First Due ePCR records instantly available in the biospatial platform for statewide visibility, data curation, and deep analysis.

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Standardized Reports

Easily enable end-users to obtain standardized reports with the ability to configure views for specific use cases.

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Benchmark Comparison

Access and Compare agency-specific measures against state and national benchmarks.

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Performance Measurement

Compute and track EMS quality and performance measures, including those from the National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA).

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Custom Reporting & Analytics

Meet the specific needs of both individual agencies and state EMS offices with powerful visualization tools, complex filtering, and other analysis-focused user-completed customizations.

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Native Integration to First Due

Plug-and-play with the First Due platform without the need for complex integrations or custom code.

One-stop shop for agencies who need more.

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Built for EMS Agencies

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Signature and Compliance
Fulfill industry-standard authentication and signature requirements. Document each vial by its control number, lot number, and expiration date.
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Medication Kits
Manage your drug boxes with purpose-built medication kits down to the vial.
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Quickly transfer medications from between locations and kits.
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Centralized Med Supplies
See all your medications in one place to better understand inventory and status.
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Controlled Substance Life Cycle
Track the entire medication lifecycle of DEA Schedule II, III, and IV narcotics, including arrival, usage, restocking, and more.
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Work Order Management
Take fleet management to the next level with fully configurable work orders to meet your agency’s specific maintenance requirements.
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Inventory Management
Efficiently track your equipment supply and conduct inventory checks. Easily monitor fire station supplies.
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Equipment Management
Stay up to date on the state of your fleet and equipment.
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Fleet Management
Stay up to date on the state of your fleet and equipment.
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Asset Checks
Efficiently complete comprehensive asset checks anytime from any device.
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Enterprise Tools
Rules, regulations, and policies fit your agency and are built into your software.
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Your central hub to manage and store personnel records.
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Efficiently manage the moving parts of your agency's shift trades.
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Cut through the red tape with simplified time-off workflows.
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Call Shift Management
Put call shifts on autopilot and fill vacancies with ease.
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Employee Center
Equip your personnel with the tools they need to manage their schedules better.
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Shift Management
Intuitive management tools to ensure shift transparency.
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LMS Integration
Automate training completions by bringing in data from your online LMS solution.
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Track personnel certifications effortlessly.
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Training Dashboard
Eliminate clutter. Your Training Dashboard shows you just what you need, when you need it.
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Training Classes
Document all of your department's training events and integrate with schedules, activities, and more.
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Enterprise Management
Quickly add, configure, and find events with just a few keystrokes.
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Multiple Activities Views
Choose your look. The versatility of the Activities module enables custom viewing.
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Fully Configurable
Track and configure your agency’s activities across the board.
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Ad Hoc Reporting
Highlight reports that relate to medication usage, transport times, and response outcomes.
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Data Warehousing & Integrations
Connect via API to seamlessly integrate hospital analytics information alongside your patient care data and personnel information.
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Out-of-the-box Reports
Built-in reports to report refusals, transports, high utilizers and more.
90th percentile reports, 1710 reports and NFPA Annual Survey are all included.
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Visibility and Formatting
Visualize and export your data seamlessly.
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Residential Portal
Citizens can provide essential life safety data through Community Connect's secure online portal. This information includes medical conditions, mobility concerns, and other critical information to ensure safety and security for every occupant.
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Commercial Portal
Assisted living facilities and commercial residents can share important life safety data via Community Connect's secure online portal. This platform allows them to provide essential information like functional needs of occupants, medical conditions, mobility concerns, and more.
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Emergency Communications
Keep your citizens informed about natural disasters, threats in the community, or emergencies at their property.
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