First Due Medications: Adapting to Virginia's Controlled Substance Compliance Changes

Unlock the Power of First Due Medication Management.  Explore how First Due empowers Fire and EMS agencies with advanced features to effectively track and manage controlled substances and other medical inventory. Learn about new upcoming compliance measures in Virginia and how First Due helps protect against narcotic diversion.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your medication management today.

 We will discuss:

  • First Due's powerful medication and narcotics tracking features.
  • Upcoming changes within Virginia impacting controlled substances tracking
  • How First Due's medication tracking solution interacts with other modules within the First Due Suite - including Assets & Inventory Management, ePCR, NFIRS, and more.


Sergio Nardi

Solutions Consultant
first due
Sergio Nardi's career trajectory is a testament to his adaptability and commitment to public service. Starting in the United States Air Force, he transitioned into a critical role as a firefighter and paramedic, showcasing leadership in both Virginia and Minnesota. Currently, as a Senior Solutions Consultant at First Due, Sergio collaborates with numerous agencies across the United States. He aids in developing advanced software environments, enhancing the technological capabilities of emergency services. His unique blend of frontline experience and tech-savvy approach significantly contributes to innovating emergency response through technology.

Matt Mullen

Product Manager - Assets & Inventory
first due
Massachusetts based Matt Mullen has been in the Fire Service for over 21 years and is currently a Lieutenant resposible for all vital computer systems for the Town of Natick Fire Department. At First Due, Matt leads the development of all Assets and Inventory features as Product Manager. In addition to First Due the fire service, he has also worked as a paramedic for the City of Worcester for over 7 years. He is also a member of FEMA Urban Search & Rescue MATF-1 as both a Medical Specialist and Technical Search Specialist.

Lisa Rainey

Account Executive
first due
Lisa Rainey has been helping Fire Departments streamline their processes for over 14 years, joining the First Due Team 2 years ago. She serves as the First Due Account Executive covering the state of Virginia, bringing extensive experience with Assets and Inventory Management and Controlled Substance Tracking. Lisa volunteered with both the Glastonbury Fire Department in Connecticut and the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Reserve Battalion in South Florida. Working with thousands of Fire Departments over the years, she employs a consultative approach to understand the needs of each department and navigate the software evaluation and purchase process together.

Katie Norman

Account Associate
first due
Katie Norman is an accomplished Account Executive based in Richmond, Virginia, with a strong background in the fire and EMS industry. Katie's deep understanding of RMS, LMS, and CAD empowers her to provide innovative solutions and strategies for optimizing operations and enhancing safety measures within the industry. Her primary focus lies in helping public safety professionals perform their roles more effectively, mitigating risks, and maximizing safety outcomes for the broader community. She is committed to equipping members of the public safety sector with the tools and resources they need to excel in their roles, all while keeping our communities safe.

Hala Bennmoussa

Product Marketing Manager
first due
Hala Benmoussa combines her public health and nursing background with a deep understanding of healthcare systems to enhance patient outcomes through technology. Her expertise bridges the gap between advanced technological solutions and the practical needs of public safety organizations. As a Product Marketing Manager at a leading software company, Hala focuses on promoting innovative solutions that empower public safety agencies. She utilizes her extensive knowledge to craft effective marketing strategies, communicating the value and impact of these solutions to the relevant audience.

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