Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Your entire operation. One platform.

In this data sheet, explore how First Due Pre-Incident planning re-imagines information behind emergency preparedness from the ground up. See how First Due creates a baseline Pre-Incident plan on every structure out-of-the-box, offer rich tools for pre-incident planning in minutes, allows Command Staff to analyze and manage data and offer First Responders unparalleled information at the time of dispatch.

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Customer Stories

Your entire operation. One platform.

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Customer Stories

Trusted Nationwide

From Volunteer Agencies to America's Largest Cities

Asheville Fire Department

Asheville, NC

Charlotte Fire Department

Charlotte, NC

Fairfax County Fire Department

Fairfax, VA

Fort Worth Fire Department

Fort Worth, TX

Ft. Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Mesa, AZ

Reno Fire Department

Reno, NV

Seattle Fire Department

Seattle, WA

Canadian Hosted Server

Keep all your data within Canada with fully Canadian Cloud-based hosted instances of First Due.

Canadian Localization

Use software localized for your operation. From simple things like Canadian formatted postal codes to full provincial Fire Prevention Standards.

Easy Data Migration

Easily migrate from legacy RMS applications to the First Due platform in just weeks.