3 Reasons Canadian Fire Departments Choose First Due

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The First Due Media Team

Jul 1, 2023

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First Due's commitment to serving Canada's fire departments is akin to our commitment to end first responder injury and death in the line of duty. Not only does First Due consolidate all fire department operations into one platform, but its acute configurability conforms to and enhances Canadian workflows. Throughout it all, the thread of authenticity remains unbreakable. As a result, Canadian fire departments choose First Due.

Here's why:

All-in-One Software

Unlike First Due, most fire RMS software does not link vital functions across prevention, response, incident reporting, assets, and personnel management. But instead, they are Frankenstein systems cobbled together in an attempt to meet Canadian fire departments' workflow standards. They require multiple logins, on-premises data storage, and a lot of effort to maintain. In addition, they're old, slow, and constantly being sunsetted.  

First Due was born in the cloud and built to run an entire operation in one place. With First Due, Canadian fire departments can consolidate all the software they use into a single application, with a sole login available on any device at any time.  

Fits Canadian Workflows

In Canada, each province has rules and standards set by the fire commissioner or fire marshal. Therefore, fire RMS software must be highly configurable without compromising ease of use. First Due is an acutely fire-service-oriented product built for configurability. First Due conforms to Canadian fire departments' workflows without losing a shred of accessibility.


Canadian fire departments' experience with US-based companies has not always been positive. In fact, many companies expand into Canada without understanding its nuances. In contrast, First Due understands and respects that trust is hard-earned. Instead of telling Canadian fire departments to trust us, we demonstrate our authenticity through our product and team. First Due exists to end first responder injury and line of duty death, and without client success, we cannot fulfill that mission—First Due spins on its customer axis. First Due must be a customer-centric company driven by user feedback to prevent first responder injury and death. Therefore, First Due welcomes its customers to the team as champions and critics of the software, illustrating our authenticity and transparency. In addition, First Due offers the highest level of service and support with a dedicated team of situationally fluent partners with each department.

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Born in the cloud and built to run your entire operation in one place, First Due is the fastest-growing end-to-end software for fire and paramedicine departments.  

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