Incident Command

Streamline critical incident management with Incident Command.

Incident Command Decisions in Real Time, On Any Device

Stay informed and agile with live incident command visibility, accessible on any device.

Compatible on Any Device
Enjoy seamless compatibility on MDTs, toughbooks, tablets, and any browser-enabled device for maximum accessibility and flexibility.
Live Updates
Stay connected and receive real-time updates directly from the incident commander as events unfold, ensuring everyone stays updated.
Dynamic LogView
Gain valuable insights with a dynamic, live view of log entries during incident response, allowing for informed decision-making based on the incident's progress.
Commander Awareness
Ensure accountability throughout the process by promoting a structured hierarchy and clear understanding of response leaders.

Account for and Assign Resources

Efficiently account for and assign resources with ease.

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop dispatched units onto specific tasks and assignments for streamlined resource allocation.
On-Demand Units
Create new units on the fly, instantly adding them to address any situation.
Management Snapshot
Glance at open tasks, available units, and checklist items, providing essential metrics efficiently for effective management.
Checklist Templates
Access pre-built checklists designed for specific incident types, or effortlessly adapt and create configurable checklists on the fly.

Live, Configurable Timers

Stay on top of your incident management with real-time, customizable timers.

Command Timer
Have complete visibility into the elapsed time since command was established.
PAR Timer
Set and adhere to operational guidelines for your organization by using the configurable PAR timer.
Audible and Visual Alerts
Never miss time thresholds with audible and visual alerts that provide timely notifications.
Task Timer
Accurately track and manage time spent on tasks to optimize productivity and resource allocation.

Quick, Easy, and Accurate AARs

Streamline after-action reviews with quick, easy, and accurate reporting.

Efficient Reporting
Utilize the dynamic report builder for quick reporting, swift updates, and streamlined communication.
Enhanced Visibility
Attach multimedia to entries, such as photos or videos, to provide a visual representation of past events, enhancing understanding and increasing visibility.
Comprehensive Filtering
Easily filter and sort log entries by unit, user, time, and task, allowing precise and efficient access to specific information.

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Scheduling & Personnel

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Community Connect

Community Connect allows residents to create a household life safety profile in minutes. In addition, First Due provides your agency with marketing resources to promote and drive ongoing engagement.

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Assets & Inventory

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Incident Command

Streamline critical incident management with a digital command board, enabling Incident Commanders to swiftly allocate and track resources.

Live, Configurable Timers

Account for and Assign Resources

Incident Command Decisions in Real Time, On Any Device

Quick, Easy, and Accurate AARs

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