Efficient Medication Tracking Made Easy: Introducing First Due Medication Management

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The First Due Media Team

Sep 13, 2023

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Accurate tracking of vital supplies is crucial, especially in EMS where the right medications can be life-saving. First Due Medication Management addresses the prevalent issue of ineffective medication inventory faced by many fire and EMS agencies. Outdated paper logbooks and basic software have made tracking a challenge. However, First Due offers an integrated solution for complete visibility and control over your medication inventory.

Inefficient medication management burdens agencies nationwide. Using rudimentary methods for tracking results in wasted time, manual errors, and even potential narcotic diversion. The consequences range from increased labor costs to losses from unnoticed expired medications.

With First Due Medication Management, you can view your entire medication inventory at a glance. Automated features improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance security against loss or theft. Savings in time and resources can be reinvested in your agency's core mission.

First Due delivers an all-encompassing solution for managing both narcotics and non-narcotics, ensuring DEA compliance and maintaining detailed records. With features that safeguard against narcotic misuse and generate audit reports quickly, First Due embodies automation, freeing you to serve your community. Designed by experts in emergency medicine, pharmacy, and software engineering, our software meets the unique demands of fire and EMS agencies, integrating inventory management with patient care reporting and billing.

Our vision at First Due is to offer an integrated software solution for fire and EMS agencies, revolutionizing how they operate by connecting all facets of their organization. By harnessing technology for routine tasks, we enable agencies to focus on their critical roles.

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