All About Events: First Due Will Be at More Shows Than Ever in 2022

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Jordan Martinelli

Feb 10, 2022

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This year is packed with events for the fire and EMS industry, and it’s our goal to get out and see as many agencies and customers as possible. We’re so excited to meet you, understand your needs, and help you understand where we can help. First Due is planning to attend more than 60 events in 2022, more than an event a week, with more opportunities yet to be scheduled.

Why are we attending so many events? We know that for many, in-person conversations make all the difference. After two years of digital get-togethers and Zoom meetings, nothing can replace those in-person connections that can’t always happen behind a screen. We’re passionate about our product and would love to share a live demo, on site, so you can truly understand how First Due can contribute to the success of your service.

It’s also a great chance for us to debut the latest and greatest features to our full First Due suite as we continue to develop our product – and get your feedback on the fly, enabling our Product Development team to continue to build a solution that truly works with you and for you. More local, regional, and national fire and EMS shows are being developed every day, and it’s our goal to be there, with you, as much as possible.

Here's a breakdown of our 2022 events schedule as it stands today:

Regional Events:

We’re looking forward to meeting Public Safety leadership from across North America and continuing to learn more about the unique problems that different regions are working on solving. This year First Due is planning to have a presence across every region of North America from Western Fire Chiefs symposiums, to New England Association of Fire Chiefs events, and everywhere in-between.

Next event: Wildland Urban Interface Conference

State / Province Events:

Even within a region, unique scenarios within states and provinces present their own sets of challenges and goals – from different reporting standards, to mutual-aid initiatives, and so much more. First Due will be front and center at statewide/province wide events to get to the bottom of what is most important to agencies across North America where it is most convenient to you.

Next event: Virginia Fire Rescue Conference

National Shows:

Our favorite events bring Fire & EMS leaders from all over the country under one roof and help set the tone of our company’s mission, facilitate new introductions to future customers, and bring our First Due team together from across the continent. We’re excited to be attending some new shows this year, while ensuring we will be a growing force at the industry's most important gatherings.

Next event: Center for Public Safety Excellence Conference 2022

We have seen the power of these shows on every scale – for example, at last year’s Fire Rescue International (FRI), we had the chance to debut our end-to-end suite for agencies from around the world. We’re planning to be at FRI this August in San Antonio, and hope to see you there. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Events Page to keep tabs on where our team will be next!