First Due Announces the Launch of Incident Command

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The First Due Media Team

May 15, 2024

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[New York City, New York] - In their commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions for emergency responders, First Due proudly announces the launch of their newest solution— Incident Command.

First Due’s Incident Command is a digital command board used for response and incident management on First Due’s best-of-breed public safety platform. It revolutionizes response and incident management by replacing traditional tools like pen and paper, tactical worksheets, whiteboards, and legacy software products.  

Accessible on any device, Incident Command integrates essential features such as response management, pre-plans, hydrant information, occupancy data, scheduling data, and more. This improves accountability, optimizes risk assessment, and enables rapid and informed decision-making during incidents. With First Due’s Incident Command, emergency responders can better manage resources, make quick decisions, and decrease radio traffic, enabling a safer environment scene for first responders.  

"We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advancements to enhance the effectiveness of emergency response teams," said [Andreas Huber, CEO of First Due]. "The launch of Incident Command significantly expands our capabilities, providing critical real-time data and communication tools to help save lives and protect property."

About First Due:

First Due is committed to providing innovative, leading-edge emergency response solutions. Through our advanced RMS platform, we empower first responders with crucial, real-time information to coordinate and manage critical incidents effectively.

Media Contact:

Ron Kanter
Head of Marketing
(516) 428-4323