Meet First Due’s Fire Prevention Module 

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The First Due Media Team

Oct 18, 2023

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First Due's Fire Prevention Product provides a forward-thinking solution, offering innovative features, fortified security, and fluid integration. Read below for a breakdown of how First Due is a premier option for fire and EMS professionals seeking to enhance fire prevention strategies and technologies.

Best-in-Breed Features

Streamlined Inspections & Occupancy Management:  

  • Efficient Inspections: Our user-friendly interface eliminates complications when marking violations, adding comments, and capturing photos. Our intuitive design allows you to conduct inspections efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity.  
  • Configurable Inspection Builder: With the Inspection Builder, you can create custom checklists for different types of inspections. Easily accommodate optional and mandatory questions, ensuring your inspections meet specific requirements.  
  • Comprehensive Code Management: First Due streamlines code management by organizing national, state, and local standards in one location. You can manage codes more effectively with simple imports, activation, and deactivation functions.  
  • Tailored Inspection Reports: Easily generate and share inspection reports with customers via email or mail.  
  • Centralized Data Access: Inspections, permits, invoices, incidents, and more are accessible from a singular, convenient location and funnel into pre-plans and beyond, eliminating the need for additional software platforms.  
  • Optimized Efficiency: With saved views, inspectors and crews can enhance productivity and map out work for the day to ensure smooth coordination and prioritization.  

One-Stop Permitting, Invoicing, and Payments

  • Adjustable Permit Management: It allows for straightforward management of permit types using configurable IFC permit classes, duration rules, and customized response requirements.  
  • Advanced Forms: Professional documents, such as mountable certificates and digital permits, can be generated using First Due's versatile form builder.  
  • Automated Invoicing: The Auto-Invoicing feature adheres to each agency's unique fee schedule, automatically generating itemized invoices for billable services.  

Secure Cloud Solution

  • On-Demand Access: Enjoy the flexibility of working on the go with critical fire prevention tools and data at your fingertips. Access First Due on any device, anywhere, regardless of internet connectivity, without the hassle of downloading or reuploading your work.  
  • Bank-Level Encryption: The Fire Prevention Product implements the utmost security standards to safeguard all sensitive information in the First Due system, including fire prevention data and occupancy information.  
  • Modern Architecture: First Due uses AWS' government-oriented cloud hosting environment to ensure security is paramount – built with the same architecture the US federal government, the Pentagon, and some of America's largest cities rely on.  

The All-In-One Suite  

  • First Due's Fire Prevention module is a central component of the end-to-end First Due Fire & EMS suite. Using First Due, you can streamline essential tasks such as NFIRS, ePCR, Pre-Incident Planning, Scheduling, Asset and Inventory Management, Hydrants, Training, Community Engagement, Mobile Response, and more. Everything is within your reach in a single application with one unified login.  
  • What does this mean for you? It's simple - it's about efficiency. All your crucial data is captured in one single piece of software. You can easily use this data across different functions. This integration allows for a seamless flow of information, like using Fire Prevention data to pre-fill your NFIRS reports or having inspection information readily available during the pre-planning process.  
  • This single application with its single database eliminates the hassle of entering the same data twice, and no more wasted hours wrestling with incompatible software systems. With First Due, everything connects, and everything works together, saving you valuable time and making your work more efficient.  

Explore the substantial potential of First Due's Fire Prevention module by registering for an upcoming webinar or requesting a customized expert demo, specifically catering to an agency's needs.
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