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Esri's Fire Ops Tech Summit: Pre Incident Planning Re-Imagined

First Due Co-Founder & CEO Andreas Huber dives into the future of pre-incident planning with Fire Operations leadership from across the state of California.

SmartFirefighting Virtual Chat: Data In the Fire Service

First Due CEO, Andreas Huber joins in on a Virtual Chat with SmartFirefighting host Kevin Sofen, San Bernardino County Fire Department Chief Dan Munsey, MPA, CFO, and Netage B.V. owner / Amersterdam Senior Firefighter Bart van Leeuwen on how data capture can be vital for safe and smart firefighting.

First Due & IAFC: COVID-19 Response Webinar

IAFC webinar with First Due to dive into the functionality of Community Connect for COVID-19 on Tuesday 4/07/2020.

ResponderX Chicago 2019: First Due CEO Andreas Huber

First Due Co-Founder & CEO Andreas Huber sits down with W. S. Darley & Co.'s Kevin Sofen at ResponderX Chicago 2019 to discuss why First Responders needed pre-incident planning to be re-imagined.

First Due on the News

First Due Product Explainers

New Online Tool to Help Reno First Responders

The Reno Fire Department activates Community Connect to give first responders critical information about your family should they ever be called to your home.

Ocala Fire Rescue Launches New Emergency Database

Ocala Fire Rescue is anticipating Community Connect to help better prepare crews when responding to emergencies, and they want residents to participate.

Eastside Fire & Rescue App Asks for Resident Input

Eastside Fire Rescue explains to their citizens how Community Connect can help ensure their First Responders stay most informed of the details that save lives during an incident at their property.

Asheville Fire Department launches Community Connect - WLOS News Asheville

Dan Flynn of the Asheville Fire Department discusses the agency's adoption of First Due Community Connect. Linked directly with First Due, Community Connect will allow residents from across Buncombe County to enter valuable information regarding their family, pets, and property that will not only keep them safe, but also keep their first responders safe at the time of response. To learn more or to sign up for the Asheville Community Connect, visit this page:

First Due & Fort Lauderdale: High Hazard Community Connect

In this report from Local 10 Fort Lauderdale, First Due and Battalion Chief Steve Golan of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department dive into how creating a direct line of communication with high hazard leadership through First Due Community Connect can cut high-rise response times nearly in half.

Waynesville Fire Department Uses First Due to Improve Response and Save Lives

In an ABC 13 WLOS News report, Assistant Fire Chief Chris Mehaffey shares how First Due has allowed the Waynesville Fire Department to tap into technology to improve response and save lives by providing First Responders with the vital information they need, all available at their finger tips during response.

Hendersonville Fire Department asks Residents & Business Owners to Register for Community Connect

Seconds count in an emergency, so Fire Marshal Michael Ostrander of the Hendersonville Fire Department urges residents and business owners to sign up for Community Connect. Allowing First Responders to have vital information about the community not only improves response, but ultimately saves lives.

Spokane Valley FD Adopts Community Connect

See how First Responders from the Spokane Valley Fire Department deploy Community Connect to better protect their neighbors from COVID-19 through self-reporting.

New technology could help Asheville firefighters save lives - WLOS Asheville

Meet the Asheville firefighters on the frontlines redefining the operations workflow through transforming pre-incident planning from a compliance-driven chore into a cornerstone of response.

Reno Fire Department Community Connect

Reno ABC Channel 2 and Reno Fire Chief Jeff Voskamp dive into how Community Connect will make a difference both for COVID-19 related concerns and everyday emergencies.