A Voice for the Fire Service: Introducing the First Due Command Post Podcast

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Tom Louis

Nov 2, 2021

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The world of emergency response never rests. From the latest technology trends to the newest challenges facing your crews and real-life stories of how leaders in our space are changing the game, the fire and EMS world is full of stories. Now, we’re introducing a new way to tell them.

This fall, we’re proud to launch the First Due Command Post Podcast. This monthly podcast gives a voice to the fire service community, creating a central space for you to hear the latest from leaders in your space.  

Through the Command Post Podcast, our goal is to:

  • Give back to the greater community by collecting and distributing stories that will help you and your crews, be it a new software offering or the latest emergency response technology. We can all help each other as we work towards our common goal of public safety and response.
  • Share the stories that matter to you so you have a safe, convenient resource for the news you need to know. We know your time is precious, and by producing a podcast you can listen to on your own time, in your own way, we’re building a space for thought leadership by fellow experts in our field.
  • Celebrate success, not just of First Due, but of the emergency response leaders around the country doing the work that matters. We see so many extraordinary outcomes every day. The First Due Command Post podcast will be a space to highlight the best of the best.

What can you expect from the First Due Command Post Podcast?

When you tune in to the First Due Command Post Podcast, you’ll hear about real-life stories of how crews in the field are using software to optimize every aspect of the fire service. Interested in equipment, behavioral health, or how data will keep the fire service America’s most trusted brand? We’ve got you covered. We’ll hear from esteemed speakers telling the stories that matter to you, including:

  • Maia Dalton-Theodore, LCSW, SAP – Director of Behavioral Health at Albuquerque Fire Rescue
  • Ben May - Board Director for Center of Public Safety Excellence

We hope our podcast conversations in the months ahead inspire action from leaders and front-line personnel so together we can confidently tackle the challenges facing twenty-first century fire and EMS agencies.

Join us.

Visit this page on our website to access the First Due Command Post podcast. Our first episode with Captain Michael Castillo of Mesa Fire & Medical Department dropped last week. Give it a listen!  

Have an idea for a future episode or want to be featured on the podcast? Email me here, and I’ll be in touch. Thanks for tuning in.