Industrial Fire & Safety Software is Broken

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The First Due Media Team

Jun 18, 2024

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Industrial Fire & Safety Software is Broken

Software Mismatch (Forced Fit)

Industrial fire departments often grapple with standard business software that falls short in addressing their critical fire and response-specific requirements.

Not Crew Focused

Technologies only focus on compliance and records and do not ensure responders have the necessary information.

No True Single Platform

No RMS software effectively links the most vital functions across prevention, response, incident reporting assets, and personnel

Outdated Technology

Most fire RMS vendors build on old technology without the advantages of the cloud.

Challenging Data Interoperability

Outdated technology limit agencies' ability to share data and compare benchmarks effectively, making it difficult to collaborate and analyze information across different agencies.

Siloed Technical Support

Business-focused technology providers, serving as the primary source of assistance has led to subpar support for the adoption, mastery, and maintenance of essential mission-critical functions in industrial safety.

Meet First Due for the Industrial Fire Service

First Due is the industry leading, Fire & Safety software solution for the industrial fire service. Born in the cloud and built to run your entire operation in one place.

First Due is the last piece of software your agency needs to buy. Consolidate NFIRS, ePCR, fire prevention, pre-incident planning, scheduling & personnel management, asset & inventory, hydrants, training, community engagement, mobile response, and more into a single application with a sole login available anywhere on any device.


The Power of the All-in-One Suite

First Due's all-in-one solution replaces fragmented software, offering fire departments streamlined, efficient operations and faster emergency response capabilities.

Cloud-Based Solution

A cloud-based solution transforming the industrial Fire and EMS Service by providing integrated, real-time data access on any device, ensuring critical information flow, even in areas lacking internet connectivity.

Configurable Workflows

First Due’s robust platform allows industrial fire services to tailor workflows to fit their specific operational needs for optimal efficiency and precise emergency response.

Expert Technical and Customer Support

First Due delivers unmatched technical assistance and dedicated customer support, ensuring industrial fire services swiftly get expert troubleshooting solutions and personalized, attentive service for any challenge, 24/7.

To fully appreciate the capabilities of Mobile Responder and other offerings within First Due's suite, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary demo today via the provided link:
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