The Top 4 EMS and Fire Software Industry Trends

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The First Due Media Team

Jan 11, 2023

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There are four fire software trends we see as particularly influential this year.

1. Technology Becomes More Important Under the Current Conditions

Budgets are shrinking, recruiting has become challenging, and legacy applications are sunsetting. As a result, staffing shortages and frustration are common across departments. Supply chain issues also impact daily operations and workforce safety, and replacement and out-of-service equipment delays limit response effectiveness.

These situations force first responders to find ways to maximize resources. With First Due software, numerous ways exist to optimize asset management and streamline scheduling and personnel efficiency to relieve some of these burdens.

2. Software Mergers and Acquisitions Will Continue

The retirement of numerous legacy programs has made smaller, more niche-serving companies attractive for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). These activities have a significant effect on the organizations relying on those products. Some fire software changes we've seen from M&A include:

  • A lack of technical support resources or innovation following assimilation.
  • Higher software prices straining already tight budgets.
  • Years-long misalignment of product vision and business goals.

First Due is committed to remaining an independent point-solution provider. We offer ongoing support and resources and a dedication to a platform that keeps pace with advancing technology.

3. Software Consolidation Becomes the New Norm

Many public safety providers are turning to software consolidation to replace legacy systems. A full-featured and integrated application like First Due empowers agencies to oversee their essential, everyday operations through a unified platform.

Easily carry out pre-incident planning and fire prevention tasks from an easy-to-navigate interface. You can also file compliant NFIRS incident reports and submit electronic patient care reports from one comprehensive solution. It's the last fire and EMS software you'll ever need to buy.

4. Community Engagement is More of a Focus

Agencies use new technologies and digital tools to interact with service area members. These solutions help simplify workflows like burn permits while enabling residents and business owners to relay crucial structural information quickly. Departments also leverage tools like First Due Community Connect to boost community support for their services.

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