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The First Due Media Team

Sep 13, 2023

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EMS providers shoulder a significant responsibility when they respond to emergencies and provide life-saving care. A reliable community safety partner needs dependable equipment and medication stock to aid their patients.

First Due can help your agency simplify asset tracking with a powerful digital replacement for outdated management and monitoring.

What is EMS Inventory Management?  

Agencies use costly equipment for treatment delivery and have access to controlled substances under the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) regulation. Therefore, they must invest in strict inventory and control protocols to stay compliant with the DEA and follow the provider's "do no harm" ethic.  

First Due's asset and inventory management module takes the process to the cloud and offers straightforward functionality to:

  • Conduct comprehensive asset checks and generate work orders in the field from any connected device
  • Customize asset checklists and schedules
  • Connect to the Internet of Things sensors to track equipment use and health, including fleet vehicles
  • Receive notifications for vehicle maintenance needs
  • Create custom inventory compartments to track supply use and reordering needs
  • Establish and modify custom stock kits
  • Transfer inventory quickly between vehicles or locations
  • Generate, track, and manage work orders and their related costs in a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop operation
  • Replenish supplies in just a few clicks with the exclusive Restock Manager, which alerts you when it's time to reorder
  • Enjoy a holistic view of your equipment and stock with high visibility, integrated features, and easy-to-use dashboards

Benefits of First Due's Re-Imagined EMS Inventory Software

EMS and ambulance inventory management have never been so simple.

Better Security and Regulatory Compliance

First Due provides a powerful solution for supporting compliance with extensive tracking tools for your most sensitive inventory. You can easily trace medications and controlled substances throughout their agency lifecycle with security controls requiring authentication, documentation, and provider signatures. As a result, you can generate complete audit trails to verify compliance and help protect provider licenses.

More Accurate Record-Keeping

Our platform allows EMS crews to document as they go using any device capable of accessing the web. Doing so ensures you have a complete picture of your inventory in real-time. Plus, that feature eliminates the need for crews to try and recall the supplies they used at every incident after ending an intense shift.

Seamless Integrations

First Due was built from the ground up, specifically for the needs of modern public service agencies. That's why we've created it to integrate with numerous partner programs.

We've also designed the assets and inventory management module to integrate efficiently with the other First Due suite companion features. You can transform your operations by adding functionality for Electronic Patient Care Reports, scheduling and personnel management, and pre-incident planning.

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