What Does an EMS Software Suite Do?

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The First Due Media Team

Aug 16, 2023

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Running a 24/7/365 operation is challenging enough. Working with outdated manual processes, obsolete software solutions, or managing different business aspects from other platforms becomes even more complex. First Due is a specialized EMS suite of modules combining crucial data and functionality in one unified solution.

How First Due EMS Cloud Software Streamlines Operations

First Due is a cloud-based solution for EMS software, consolidating all your operations into a sole source of truth.

Scheduling and Personnel

Managing a workforce schedule can be time-consuming and frustrating without the right tools. Paper-based systems are prone to human error and generate waste. When employees trade shifts, keeping track of who should be where and when becomes an issue.

First Due simplifies that with a robust scheduling and personnel management module that integrates with other tools you rely on every day. Create schedules in minutes with a simple drag-and-drop functionality. Approve shift trades and make swaps effortlessly while maintaining constant real-time visibility into your coverage. First Due also helps track your crews' payroll, overtime, and time-off accruals. Ad-hoc reporting and quick data export ensure compliance and save even more time.

Assets and Inventory

Manual asset tracking makes it easy to overlook critical inspections and upkeep, and disparate data sources make gaining a holistic view of equipment and its status challenging.

First Due solves these challenges with our fully integrated assets and inventory module. Get essential equipment information with real-time reporting and visibility into an asset's health and use. Create work orders in the field from any connected device to stay on top of maintenance and repair needs. First Due can also leverage the Internet of Things to capture data from connected vehicles and devices on a single platform.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting

Your electronic patient care report (ePCR) must go beyond the bare essentials to be helpful and improve treatment outcomes. It also needs to follow industry regulations for compliance.

First Due supports those objectives with a full-featured ePCR module. Our data capture fulfills NEMSIS Data Collect 3.4 requirements and those for many state- and county-based EMS agencies.

Our simple-to-use interface and compatibility with multiple operating systems put First Due's power directly into first responders' hands. Connect custom devices like EKG instruments and quickly scan driver's licenses in the field. This module integrates seamlessly with all First Due products and interfaces with many hospital record-keeping programs for enhanced communication.

Community Connect

First Due's Community Connect module simplifies information gathering and your daily workflows for many tasks.  

Engage residents and neighborhood businesses in moments. You'll get one-on-one assistance from our marketing team and customized advertising assets to help you get started with community engagement on day one.

An online portal allows community members to build out a personal profile in five minutes, supplying your agency with critical information like:

  • Vulnerable residents or building occupants.
  • Pets on the property.
  • Unique property features and their locations, such as pools or hazardous materials on-site.
  • Alarms and their placement.
  • Contact information.  

This module complies with data privacy laws and uses encryption technology for security. It's also highly configurable so that you can customize the data requests for your agency's needs. Resident-provided data automatically loads to the dashboard at dispatch, immediately putting essential information in front of your crews.

Workforce Training

Your crew already face unique job challenges, especially since calls are rising. With the increased demand, discovering training that needs to be updated is the last thing you need.

First Due makes it easier to stay compliant and prevents untimely certification expirations. Our platform eliminates the pain of manual tracking and saves you time. We have included all the functionality you need to:

  • Document training on a per-responder basis.
  • Configure automated alerts to notify you before a lapse.
  • Create documentation logs to demonstrate standards compliance.
  • Bulk-import structured class info and organize it by topic, codes, and more.
  • Document and track certified instructors.
  • Create per-responder training plans with customized objectives.
  • Integrate fully with schedules and personnel records.
  • Get a high-level view of your plans, events, and alerts with a user-friendly dashboard.  

The Benefits of Working with First Due

First Due aims to help public safety agencies transform their operations with robust software solutions. EMS organizations nationwide work with us for:  

  • Innovation: We're consistently improving our platform to respond to changing demands.
  • Accessibility: Our cloud-based platform provides secure access from any connected device, anywhere.
  • Vision: We built First Due to support more than compliance — we designed it as a fully integrated solution for EMS agencies to save time, reduce risk, and eliminate information gaps.

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