What is EMS Scheduling Software?

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The First Due Media Team

Jul 25, 2023

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EMS agencies require around-the-clock staffing, which makes scheduling a challenge. Meeting coverage quotas can become even more complex when your workforce scheduling involves obsolete tools, disparate systems, or outdated paper-based approaches.

First Due changes the scheduling process with a cloud-based platform designed for simplicity, accessibility, and real-time insight.

What is EMS Scheduling and Personnel Software?

EMS scheduling and personnel software is a digital solution for managing workforce coverage in a dynamic environment. The application's functions can help public safety agencies handle time off, call-outs, and shift swaps more effectively and efficiently than a paper-based system.

Under outdated traditional approaches, EMS schedulers often spend significant time re-creating, reprinting, and redistributing a paper to each employee for every change — if the scheduler knows them. Shift swaps are common and convenient, but they can complicate the process even more, making it challenging to know who is supposed to be on duty, where, and when.

Software like First Due simplifies generation and management with intuitive scheduling operations and features like:

  • Drag-and-drop schedule creation
  • Open shift management and bidding
  • End-user tools for trading shifts and automated approval workflows
  • Real-time coverage visibility and employee information that automatically delivers the most current information
  • Custom payroll and overtime tracking
  • Time-off and other benefit accruals based on agency-set parameters

First Due's EMS scheduling application also provides robust reporting capabilities, data export functionality, and integration with numerous third-party apps.

Benefits of Choosing First Due for EMS Shift Scheduling Software

Transform your agency's scheduling with First Due and enjoy the many benefits our platform delivers.  

Scalability and Compatibility

First Due is a fully scalable solution capable of growing with your department. You can add employees and empower them with platform access in moments.

You can also integrate the scheduling and personnel module with other features in the First Due suite, including asset and inventory management, mobile responder, and electronic patient care reporting. Together, these modules provide a complete end-to-end solution for running all your operations through a single platform and sign-on.

Better Time Management

The less time your EMS scheduler and employees have to manage a clunky scheduling process, the better. First Due significantly reduces the time investment required, so your workforce can concentrate on other value-added activities.

Enhanced Trend Management

With First Due's robust schedule reporting, you receive the customizable data you need to make more informed decisions. Ad-hoc and built-in reporting simplify capturing the details. Slice and dice your data to spot patterns, benchmark your agency, and uncover opportunities to improve with easy-to-generate reports.  

Accessibility on the Go

First Due is available to any authorized user through any connected device as a cloud-born solution. That means EMS schedulers and crews can access it anytime, anywhere. Our software's portability and self-serve tools make managing changes and entering requests or approvals easy, even away from your desk.  

Modernize With First Due EMS Scheduling Software

We offer live demos to show how easy workforce management can be with First Due's EMS scheduler module.

Request your free platform demo today or contact us online for additional information.
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