Why Your Volunteer Fire Department Needs Software

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The First Due Media Team

Jul 11, 2023

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What is Fire and EMS Software?

Benefits of Fire Software for Volunteer Departments

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Volunteer fire department software will help your team members streamline operations and solve organizational obstacles. For those exploring new software for volunteer fire departments, consider what modules best fit your needs and the advantages of using the software for your operations.

What is Fire and EMS Software?

First Due offers volunteer fire department software that will benefit your department. The software is a true cloud and single database provider with a complete set of fire and EMS modules and applications. At First Due, we built volunteer fire department software to help organizations consolidate essential operations, information, and data sets, accessible through a single platform and login. Every First Due module saves time and money while reducing risks.

Pre-Incident Planning

The pre-incident planning module provides essential information to anticipate emergencies. Knowledge saves lives, and the pre-incident planning module helps keep your citizens and crews safe with areas like enterprise management and advanced mapping features.

Fire Prevention

The fire prevention module helps fire departments analyze and re-imagine their fire prevention tactics while reducing risks to the community with an integrated suite. Some practical aspects of this module include permitting, invoicing, next-generation inspections, and occupancies.  


The National Fire Incident Reporting System is a reporting standard all fire departments must adhere to when documenting their services and activities. First Due's NFIRS module makes incident documentation easy and increases compliance through tools, analytics, and automation. Some helpful parts of the NFIRS module include advanced integrations, reporting and analytics tools, compliance and automation assistance, and streamlined documentation.


Electronic Patient Care Reporting contains EMS products and services information. First Due's ePCR module includes information and assistance materials on NEMSIS V3.5-compliant ePCR documentation. The module provides necessary functions while acting efficiently during response. Other helpful items include advanced integrations, compliance and automation assistance, hospital interoperability, and streamlined documentation.  

Mobile Responder

The mobile responder module is a sophisticated fire & EMS-focused iOS and Android app that brings your First Due data to the forefront when you're in the field. You can access First Due information on the go, experience full platform access, integrate with dispatchers, receive immediate incident notifications, and respond from your device.  

Scheduling and Personnel

The scheduling and personnel module streamlines your current crew scheduling model with automation, compliance, and enterprise management. The improved scheduling assistance can take charge of your organization, whether your current model is complex or straightforward.

Community Connect

Community Connect allows residents to create a household life safety profile in minutes. It also provides marketing resources for your department to promote the volunteer program and drive engagement. Community Connect helps engage residents and businesses while automating processes and improving responses to the community.

Assets and Inventory

The assets and inventory module provides real-time statistics and analytics on equipment usage, health, and safety compliance. You can link inventory to your schedules and the incident reporting modules. Other helpful features of the assets and inventory module include automation, work order management, and next-generation vehicle checks.


The hydrants module provides easy hydrant management and testing for your fire department. Some essential parts of the hydrants module include response, data management, and hydrant service and testing.


The training module helps your crew gain the expertise to educate new volunteers in fire and safety practices. The module includes an accessible dashboard, certification opportunities, and volunteer fire department information classes.  

Events and Activities

The events and activities module helps improve your department's productivity and documentation practices. You can document daily activity, view current events, configure data sets, and manage your enterprise from one platform.  

Data and Analytics

The data and analytics module helps improve your department through accurate reporting and analytics. Use the module's visibility features, ad hoc reporting, and turnkey reports to drive the department.  

Benefits of Fire Software for Volunteer Departments

Fire department software improves communication, safety, and efficiency. Whether you want to serve your community or allocate resources to respond to emergencies, First Due's software has all the necessary tools.  

Here are five benefits of software for volunteer fire companies:


Quick and effective communication is essential in fire departments, especially when lives are on the line. First Due lets you quickly update team members, change schedules, and receive emergency alerts.


First Due improves operations and creates efficiency at every step. You can manage inventory, scheduling, and equipment checkups, freeing team members' time to focus on critical tasks. First Due eliminates minor administrative work and concentrates on the bigger picture.


Improving safety is a significant benefit of using fire and EMS software. You can access vital information to respond quickly during emergencies, including building layouts, emergency contacts, and hazardous materials. Having these details at your fingertips saves lives.


Another advantage of fire and EMS software includes improved record-keeping. Your department can quickly access information and safely store critical documents and data. Details like training records, equipment maintenance, and incident reports are readily available anytime. When necessary, you can source documents and data, in or out of the field, with mobile devices or equipment.  

Resource Allocation

Finally, First Due assists with resource allocation, which helps team members understand areas that demand more attention and resources. Resource allocation ensures your department has the necessary parts, equipment, and resources for every response. Departments can act quickly in emergencies while properly allocating resources according to the situation.  

Request a Demo Today and Begin Improving Your Volunteer Fire Department

First Due offers volunteer fire department scheduling software for agencies that want to streamline operations and improve communication. We provide demos of our software for volunteer fire departments, allowing potential clients to explore which modules best fit their needs. First Due is an end-to-end fire and EMS software solution to run your operation from one place. Schedule a live demonstration today or explore our services online.