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The First Due Media Team

Feb 21, 2024

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Efficiently running your EMS operations without a comprehensive suite is a challenge. Logging into multiple applications that often don't talk to each other wastes your valuable time for patient care and creates a tangled mess of interoperability issues with your partner agencies. Furthermore, many applications you currently use are void of innovation and lack the customer support you need.

Let's clean up this mess. Meet First Due.

First Due isn't just another software solution – it's a comprehensive suite designed specifically for EMS operations.  

Not only is First Due equipped with highly configurable NEMSIS v.3.4 and 3.5 compliant ePCR software, but it also provides industry-leading platforms for medications, training, assets, scheduling, events, etc.

Seamlessly combining your software tools under a single login saves valuable time and improves interoperability between you and your partner agencies.  

Furthermore, First Due integrates with essential systems like your EKG vendor, CAD, medication databases, and Handtevy systems. This integration means you can capture more information with less data entry.

Aside from seamless integrations and partner agency interoperability, First Due's continued customer-focused innovations and support provide EMS agencies with the best software in the industry at any given moment.  

With First Due's comprehensive suite, you can ditch the chaos of multiple applications and improve patient care through seamless software integrations, efficient partner agency interoperability, and the most innovative software tools in the industry.  

From asset management to scheduling, training, and medication tracking, First Due offers premier software solutions to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

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